Alfa Romeo Servicing

Central Coast Alfa Romeo Servicing Specialist

Are you looking for a workshop to look after your Alfa Romeo servicing on the central coast?

Gosford European Car Service has over 20 years experience servicing a large range of European cars including early and late model Alfa Romeo’s.

Alfa Romeo Log Book Servicing and Repairs:

Our Alfa Romeo service has an extensive list of checks, which offer are more comprehensive checkover than what you might get at a main dealer. We have the latest equipment, which allows our qualified technicians  to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently, and more importantly offer a solution!


Alfa Romeo Servicing Central Coast

Alfa Romeo Warranty:

Your Alfa Romeo Warranty is protected when you service your car with us. We carry out full log book servicing and follow the strict procedures and parts that are required to keep your warranty valid. This means that you no longer have to stay at your dealer to maintain valid warranty on your Alfa Romeo.

We only use high quality engine oils, developed in Europe, to ensure your Alfa Romeo’s engine is protected against the harsh climates in Australia – this is especially important in the GTA models and other models that require a specific viscocity of oil.

All our work is guaranteed and we offer you peace of mind when servicing your car with us.

Please call us 02 4325 0255 for a full quote on any work you may need, or you can click here to book online.